Fran Siracusa @ProfeEdTech

Connections-based Learning Ambassador

Fran Siracusa, an Educational Technologist and Spanish teacher, is the co-founder of #TeachSDGs, Calliope Global, and Edcamp Tampa Bay. Her passions are student-centered learning, connections-based learning through global projects, World Language study, sustainable development, and social good.  In order to authentically improve the educational landscape, she shares her expertise and experience through Professional Development workshops, teaching in classrooms, speaking at conferences, and professionally writing for educational companies, magazines and blogs. In 2017, she earned the prestigious ISTE Global PLN "Innovation in Global Collaboration" Award. Fran happily promotes educational excellence by serving as an Edutopia guest blogger, and as an "ambassador" for Kahoot!, Buncee and Flipgrid. 

Inaugural CBL Ambassadors

We have a phenomenal group of Connections-based Learning ambassadors that spread the message of CBL and share their wealth of understanding as to how to connect classes with the community, experts, organizations, and classrooms around the world.

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CBL is about making connections. We have a growing community of educators who have been sharing their love of CBL. Our community has a team of educators to connect with to get started incorporating Connections-based Learning in your classroom.

Tracy Brady @MmeBrady

Connections-based Learning Ambassador

Tracy Brady is a French and Spanish Teacher at Afton Middle/High School in Afton NY. Her professional passions include technology, showing students that they have the power to effect change in the world, and making connections of all shapes, sizes and varieties which she endeavors to do formally through professional organizations like NYSAFLT and NECTFL, somewhat less formally through attendance at EdCamps, and regularly through Twitter chats, Voxer groups, and other more flexible but no less valuable venues. Off duty she is mother to two beautiful adult daughters.

Sean Robinson @sr_tutor

Creator: Connections-based Learning

Sean Robinson is a Canadian educator with a passion for local and global connections.  He is the creator of connections-based learning, an approach to teaching and learning that leverages the connected world.  Sean's students have participated in a range of real world endeavors: from competing to send experiments to the International Space Station to delivering 3D printed solar lanterns to battle light poverty in the Dominican Republic.  Sean is a founding TeachSDGs ambassador, igniting students around the globe to take action to meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. He received the Premier's Award for Excellence in Education for his work in the area of Technology and Innovation in October 2018. 

Rola Tibshirani @Rolat

Connections-based Learning Ambassador

Rola Tibshirani is a French Immersion Intermediate teacher at the Ottawa Catholic School Board. She is passionate about students’ taking ownership of their learning by creating and applying Integrative Thinking and Designing Thinking processes to embrace challenges. She connects her students with projects from around the world and fosters students collaborative inquiry through Global Partnership. She is the host of The Missing Link, a Canadian VoicEd radio podcast that highlights educators who are passionate about global connectivity.

Kenneth Muhumuza 


Connections-based Learning Ambassador

Kenneth Muhumuza is founder and team leader of Serve Uganda Initiative,  an organization of educated youth volunteers working to unleash community capacity.  He is passionate about learner-centered education and connections-based learning, which he believes are effective approaches to empower students with the necessary tools to deal with the real-world problems of the 21st century. Prior to founding Serve Uganda Initiative, Kenneth co-founded Feed My Lamb Kabarole, a nonprofit in Uganda that unleashes the potential of communities to pursue their own sustainable change through education and skills training. He is ambitious to solve societal problems with special interests in education for social justice and spends most of his time training teachers, making global connections, and giving career guidance in schools.