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We're putting together a video that communicates the importance of connecting our classes with the community, experts, organizations and classrooms around the world.  Would you share with us a selfie video on why connections-based learning is important to you?  We'd love to have you speak your ideas in your own language!  Simply share your: Name / Home City, Country / Educator Role / Why connections-based learning is important to you.  See Sean's example above.


We are all gaining some sense that connecting our classes is important for cultivating a better you, a better me, and a better us.  It is important that those of us who have taken steps to involve our students in the community and the globe encourage other educators to do the same.  This video will share how we have banded together across the globe to show our unity in doing what is best for students and our world

How this video will be used

Anyone can use this video.  Tweet it out.  Share it during workshops on collaboration.  Play it for your students, your staff, your organization.  It is meant to show the importance of global collaboration through a global collaboration.

How to be a part of this

It's easy.  Shoot your video in your own language then contact Sean.  Ways to contact above.

Use the form below to send us an email. We generally reply within 24 hours.

Educators from around the globe are using an app called Voxer to communicate on a deeper level than a Twitter chat. Connections-based learning has a Voxer community that meets here: #CBL Voxer Community. On this platform educators interested in connections-based learning can consider thought provoking questions, share ideas, and find support. The platform incorporates voice messages so educators can connect on a more personal level. Join us!

#CBL Voxer Community


Join educators from around the world on our #CBL Voxer community

Be part of our connections-based learning selfie video

Vox us at seanrobinson. Visit Voxer to create an account and join the conversation.

Visit us at @teachCBL. Introduce yourself and let us know how we can help.