Cultivation is the goal

​Most learning approaches spend a lot of time on the process.  They focus on getting educators and students to DO the right things.  With connections-based learning, reflecting on WHY we do what we do is integral to the approach.  The final component in connections-based learning allows us to really understand WHY we do what we do.  The end goal is not simply innovation or creation.  The purpose is to foster betterment in all the participants and can be seen in three focuses.

A better you

In Connections-based Learning, students have an opportunity to develop what is going on outside of them.  They move from simply being engaged with ideas to having an impact on their world.  Cultivating "a better you" means that the focus is to somehow help those with whom we are connecting.

A better me

Through their interactions and creations, students develop.  They gain needed skills.  They grow in citizenship and character.  They develop as people.  Cultivating "a better me" keeps teacher and student working together to become the best can be.

A better us

Connections-based Learning is about relationships.  The final reason why we do what we do is to break down social and cultural barriers.  Only through working together can we promote understanding between people.  Cultivating "a better us" keeps our attention on developing meaningful helping relationships.