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Share the Process

As students write emails, tweet organizations or share with peers, there are a wide variety of responses. In CBL, it's the process on which we focus. When the process is focused on, there is always learning that takes place.

Inspire creative connections

With so many ways to connect, the educator becomes the linchpin for connection. Whether it's establishing a relationship with experts, opening the doors to peers, or forging a relationship with the community, students benefit from connections outside the class.

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Feedback meaningfully

In CBL, meaningful feedback is a cornerstone. Feedback can be given by parents, other teachers, other students, experts or organizations. A self-evaluation is crucial after feedback is given.

It's all about meaningful connections.

Connections-based Learning starts with a shift in thinking. It's about beginning to look at teaching differently, keeping our eyes and ears open as educators to the connected world around us. It may seem daunting to work at it alone; don't. We have some tools available to help you. 

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