When connections-based learning combines with the Sustainable Development Goals, the result is action, empathy, and understanding.  Tackling the Global Goals is about working together.  These goals won't be accomplished in a vacuum. Finding needs, hearing stories, addressing inequalities: students must have an opportunity to not only hear from their world, but speak into it.

Connections-based learning guides that process.

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Connections-based learning is about students making meaningful connections with teachers, experts, organizations, their community and each other. The development of this approach has been birthed out of a desire to create meaningful learning experiences in a connected world with connected students.


Learning in a connected world.

Connections-based learning is an approach to teaching and learning that leverages the connected world we live in. It's about changing the question from "How can we learn this?" to "Who can we engage as we learn?" With connections-based learning, making meaningful connections drives the learning activities.

Developing connections is beneficial for kindergarten students all the way through higher education. Using the tools available in this 21st century, rich learning experiences can be forged through a simple process that gives the onus of learning back to the students.
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CBL infographic by Sean Robinson and Leigh Cassell.

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Educators are lost in a sea of tweets and posts searching for a framework to address the connected 21st century. Books are telling you to embrace the connected world without telling you how. Is the answer simply to get on Twitter, get your students blogging, set up a makerspace, or is there something deeper? Sean Robinson gives a framework to help educators navigate this connected world to leverage connection for learning. If you have ever been overwhelmed with implementing project-based learning, teaching 21st century skills, or the stream of teaching ideas on social media, then this is the book for you.

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The infographic.

Connections-based learning sees the importance of students making real-life connections with both the local community and the globe.  The CBL infographic reminds us that as we make connections with other classes, the community, experts, and organizations to help and to learn from, we collaborate together for positive change.  Throughout this process, cultivating a helping relationship keeps us focused on why we do what we do.


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